The following table shows the project deliverables related to the 8 Work Packages planned, and their delivery dates.


Del. No Title Dissemination Level Date
D1.1 Quality Plan Confidential 30/04/2016
D1.2 IPR Report Confidential 31/08/2016
D2.1 Service requirement and products consolidation Confidential 31/08/2016
D8.1 Web communication Public 31/08/2016
D3.1 Service infrastructure Confidential 30/09/2016
D7.1 EU market for I.MODI services Confidential 30/11/2016
D3.2 Input data Confidential 31/12/2016
D4.1 Development of system prototipe Confidential 31/12/2016
D1.3 Activities vs Expenditure Report Confidential 28/02/2017
D3.3 Web interface Confidential 28/02/2017
D7.2 I.MODI services Confidential 28/02/2017
D8.2 Dissemination action plan Public 28/02/2017
D4.2 System prototipe release Confidential 30/04/2017
D5.1 System performance verification Confidential 31/07/2017
D1.4 Midterm Activities vs Expenditure Report Confidential 31/08/2017
D7.3 Marketing and commercial strategy Confidential 31/08/2017
D8.3 I.MODI multimedia communication Public 31/08/2017
D6.1 Demonstration activity Confidential 30/09/2017
D7.4 Detailed economic financial projection Confidential 30/11/2017
D6.2 Final report Confidential 31/12/2017
D1.5 Final Activity Report Confidential 28/02/2018
D8.4 Workshop events Public 28/02/2018